National Luna 52 litre Weekender


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The National Luna Weekender 52-litre is the ultimate small-family getaway refrigerator. This model has been designed to fit into most vehicles with space to spare and at the same time boast enormous internal capacity. New features such as built-in battery monitor, dual-hinging lid and removeable cables is what sets the Weekender apart from others. The Weekender inherits the same quality and robust construction as the rest of the National Luna refrigerator range and comes complete with a 3-year warranty.



  • Stainless Steel body
  • Smooth Aluminium interior
  • High-strength carry handles
  • Lockable latches
  • Dual-direction hinging lid (customisable)
  • Internal LED light
  • Digital thermostat
  • Battery monitor
  • Selectable low-battery cut-out
  • 2-stage speed control with automatic Turbo mode
  • 12 / 24Vdc , 100 - 230Vac operation
  • Removeable DC and AC cables


Actual volume
52 litres
External dimensions
385mm (w) x 710mm (l) x 506mm (h) , 845mm with lid raised
Weight 24.0kg
Rigidised Stainless Steel exterior and smooth aluminium interior
Baskets Up to 3 baskets. (available with or without baskets)
Power supply
12 / 24V DC, 100 - 240V AC standard
Power consumption *
12V - 2.5Amps average running current.
1.53 - 2.26 amp/hour average power draw.

Average power consumption is measured in a controlled environment with specific thermostat settings. Actual power consumption may vary with ambient temperature, thermostat setting and frequency of use. Running current will increase automatically when surplus power is available (230Vac, above 13.1Vdc)