About National Luna

In the early 1990's, National Luna was very active in the solar market and rapid expansion was being made in the areas of low-cost housing and remote medical stations where no commercial electricity was available. One of the greatest demands at the time, was that of medical vaccine refrigeration which had to meet the very stringent World Health Organization's specifications.

National Luna, was able to launch a locally assembled refrigeration unit in 1993 which met the strict performance requirements. A number of these refrigerators were sold to customers who used them in their remote lodges, game farms as well as being placed in the back of 4x4 vehicles. As time passed, a greater demand for our high quality 4x4 refrigerator unit evolved.

During 1998 it was decided to develop a full range of specialised 4x4 refrigerator / freezer units, and include another well-established department of National Luna - Caravan Lighting. Over the years, the Portable Refrigeration and Lighting ranges evolved into high-efficiency, compact products which were more suited for the 4x4 and caravan industry.

In addition to our locally manufactured products, National Luna stocks a wide range of marine products manufactured by Indel Marine - Italy

Indel Marine products carried by National Luna are divided into refrigeration components and water heating components. These products are high-quality, elegant build-in units ideal for yachts and small to large boats.

Our Products

National Luna manufactures a wide range of specialist 12-volt products aimed at the 4x4 and caravan industry.

Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa with strict quality and performance requirements ensuring that our customers have piece-of-mind when traveling to remote, rugged environments.

  • National Luna refrigerators are designed for extreme environments where ambient temperatures can be above 43 degrees celcius and battery power is scarce.
  • The broad range of National Luna 12-volt fluorescent lights is the greatest collection of original caravan lighting still in active manufacturing in the South African market. All models of lights are designed for optimum performance and excellent light output whilst keeping power consumption to a minimum.
  • To complement the high-quality refrigeration and lighting ranges, National Luna offers reliable battery management products which are tailor-made to 4x4's, caravans, trailers, trucks, boats, and solar installations. This product range includes dual-battery isolators, portable battery boxes and high-accuracy battery monitors.

National Luna can also supply additional fittings, cables, plugs, fuses and other equipment commonly used with vehicle and fixed installations.

All National Luna products carry a 3-year warranty