Hella socket

This is a panel-mount axial socket with rubber cover protecting the electrical contacts from dirt and moisture.

The Hella female socket can accomodate wires up to 4mm . Optional grounding tag is also available.

Hella equivalent socket

This is a high quality alternative to the "Hella" female socket. It features a spring-loaded cover and positive and negative connection points.

This socket is also compatible with the Hella male and combi plugs.

Cigarette lighter socket

This is a standard automotive panel-mounted DC socket with rubber cover. This socket has an earthed body with connetion tag and is DC rated for low-current accessories.

Hella male plug

The Hella male plug is specifically designed to fit the Hella socket or equivalent. Internal contacts of this plug can accomodate wire thicknesses up to 4mm.

Cigarette lighter male plug

This male plug fits comfortably into the female cigarette lighter socket and has a spring-loaded positive terminal to improve connection. Connection to the internal contacts requires soldering.

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