National Luna has a unique range of product specifically designed for 12-volt applications such as 4x4's, caravans, trailers and boats.

Portable Refrigeration

Originally used as vaccine refrigerators in remote locations, the National Luna range of portable refrigerators have been optimised for 4x4 and recreational use. The full range boasts superior cooling power, ultra high efficiency and the convenience of running on 12-volt, 24-volt or 230 volt.



National Luna has a comprehensive range of low-voltage fluorescent and LED lighting for caravans, camping, trailers or any other 12-volt or 24-volt lighting application. All National Luna lights have high-efficiency circuits which are optimised for low-emisions, superior lumen output and ultra-low power consumption.


Battery Management Systems

The range of National Luna battery management systems have been designed for vehicle use where a secondary battery needs to be charged along with the vehicle's main battery. Stand-alone battery monitors are also available for any 12-volt, lead-acid battery application such as solar installations, boats, trailers, caravans and backup power systems.


Marine Products

High-quality marine refrigerators, water heaters and other marine accessories manufactured in Italy are now available from National Luna. If you're building or furnishing a yacht or large boat, Indel Marine's range of 12-volt marine equipment is ideal.



Whether you're doing your own dual-battery installation or just looking for high-quality fittings to complete your fridge or lighting installation, National Luna carries a wide range of specialised parts and accessories to give your installation the professional touch.