Portable Refrigeration

Originally designed to meet World Health Organisation specifications for transporting medicines in harsh African conditions, National Luna fridges are now the preferred choice for safari operators, caterers, mining companies, camper manufacturers and serious 4x4 enthusiasts.

National Luna refrigerators boast superior cooling power and exceptional efficiency in the harshest environments. All models are tested and guaranteed to freeze to a minimum of -18 in tropical conditions of 43 degrees celcius.

National Luna 40

Perfect for small families on a weekend getaway, the National Luna 40-litre is compact and light-weight. The 40-litre is also ideal as a powerful dedicated deep-freezer.



National Luna 50-Twin Weekender

The 50-litre Twin is able to cool and freeze at the same time with it's unique high-performance design. The 50-Twin also features a battery monitor, low-power mode, low-battery protection and much more.



National Luna 52 Weekender

One of the most compact models that can be used as a fridge or a freezer. The 52-litre Weekender features a single high-capacity interior, battery monitor, low-battery protector and a lid that can changed to hinge from the side.



National Luna 55

The brand new single compartment 55 has improved performance with 60mm insulation in a compact body.




National Luna 60-Twin

The brand new 60-Twin balances volume and performance and provides a true fridge-freezer combination in a single, compact body.




National Luna 65

The 65-litre National Luna fridge / freezer has a small footprint but a huge 65 litre capacity, perfect for caravans and campers.





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