National Luna provides this page to help with simple troubleshooting of our products when installed or used. If your query is not addressed on this page, you can contact us for specific assistance.

The National Luna Warranty

National Luna provides a 3-year warranty with all of our products.

National Luna refrigerators are supplied with a warranty registration card. Either complete this card and return to National Luna or use the online registration form for refrigerator warranties to be valid.

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FAQ - Refrigeration
Q - Can I use the Cigarette Lighter or DC socket already installed in my car to run a refrigerator ? A - No. Although refrigerators may use very little current when they are running, they in fact use a much higher current during start-up. In most vehicles, the wiring to the DC socket is often very thin and wired through fuses and ignition switches. This combination causes an abnormal volt-drop and the fridge may shut down.
Q - How long will my fridge run on a single battery ? A - National Luna refrigerators consume between 35Ah and 42Ah during an average day. Meaning that a 105Ah battery will be able to run the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days continuously. Remember that high ambient temperatures and colder freezer settings will increase power consumption and reduce the maximum running time. Opening the refrigerator lid often will also influence the consumption
Q - How cold can my freezer get ? A - National Luna refrigerators are limited to -30. In high-ambient environments, your refrigerator may only achieve -12 on low speed. -18 can be achieved on "Turbo"
Q - My refrigerator works on 230V but not on 12V. What's wrong ? A - The 220V power pack in the refrigerator provides 12V to the compressor. Therefore in theory if it runs on 220V then it will run on 12V. If this problem is encountered, there is most likely a wiring problem in the vehicle or the battery is low. Check all wiring and connections from the battery to the refrigerator.
Q - Which is better - Stainless Steel or Aluminium ? A - Both Stainless Steel and Aluminium have their benefits, it's a question of which type suits you best. Stainless Steel is a lot more rugged and is more resistant to dents and scratches. However, Stainless Steel is heavy and expensive. Aluminium is light and more cost effective but is more susceptible to physical damage. Both ranges can be protected with protection jackets.
Q - Does the protection jacket improve efficiency ? A - Not directly. The protection jacket has been designed to protect refrigerators against physical damage. The protection jacket is slightly beneficial in direct sunlight as this helps insulate the refrigerator's metallic surface from the hot solar energy.
Q - What type of gas does my refrigerator use ? Is it CFC free ? A - All National Luna refrigerators use R134a refrigerant which is CFC free. Each National Luna refrigerator has a specification label on the back stating the amount of gas charge that a particular model uses.
Q - Does the National Luna Double Door consume double the power ? A - No. The Double Door still has only 1 compressor and its power consumption is comparable to the single-door range of refrigerators. The Double Door has dual thermostats and special components which consume more power, but this extra usage of power is not significant.